This site is outdated! The dotScene format, OgreFSRad and OgreLMTSConvert can now be found in OGRE's OgreAddons package/CVS.

I'm lucky that dotScene is getting used more and more in a variety of tools and applications, naturally mostly OGRE related.

For more information on the author visit www.codeandroid.com.

For your convenience the contents (including screenshots, binaries, etc) has been archived and can be accessed below.

Archived contents:
dotScene Format
LMTS Convert

OgreFSRad 0.02.1

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28 Dec 2003 Updated binary. Bugfixes and new geometry reconstruction method.

20 Dec 2003 Updated binary. Added support for area lights. See readme for more information.

18 Dec 2003 Updated binary. A lot of bugs fixed and some functionality added.

OgreFSRad has been rewritten for use with Ogre versions >= 0.12. It's nearly complete and can be found in OgreAddons cvs.

You can download a win32 binary release below.


Quote:FSRad is a new radiosity processor specialized for lightmap generation. Given a geometric database, FSRad will generate tightly packed lightmaps for your scene, remap the scene for these new lightmaps, slice polygons when necessary to allow them to stay within the lightmap resolution and illuminate the scene using a very precise radiostiy solution. In other words, it's a complete solution for high quality lightmap generation.
[source: Fluid Studios Radiosity Processor; http://www.fluidstudios.com/fsrad.html]

I adapted FSRad 004 for use with OGRE (http://ogre.sourceforge.net).

Current features:



Can be found in Ogre's OgreAddons cvs repository.


Precompiled Win32 binaries
Note: It could probably do with some more testing!


These are screenshots of the resulting scenes as rendered by Ogre:

A colourful test scene by Proton.

A point light illuminating the scene.

A glowing sphere that illuminates the scene. Pure emissive light!