This site is outdated! The dotScene format, OgreFSRad and OgreLMTSConvert can now be found in OGRE's OgreAddons package/CVS.

I'm lucky that dotScene is getting used more and more in a variety of tools and applications, naturally mostly OGRE related.

For more information on the author visit www.codeandroid.com.

For your convenience the contents (including screenshots, binaries, etc) has been archived and can be accessed below.

Archived contents:
dotScene Format
LMTS Convert

.scene format

There is currently some development in the Ogre community towards a standardized .scene format.
This document describes the .scene format as used by some applications (e.g. OgreFSRad).
It is NOT the official Ogre .scene format but it is compatible nevertheless.

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Current features:

Upcoming features:

Downloads & Links

This is a very simple .scene loader: SimpleDotSceneLoader.zip.
It's designed to display the whole scene.

Here's a link to the discussion thread on the .scene format. There you can find a link to Proton's advanced .scene loader.


Example .scene file: